Owning a garage condo at WheelHouse means more than just having a place to store your prized collection. You’ll also have access to amenities designed to keep your assets safe and keep you comfortable.

Site Features

Premier Locations

Our facility locations are hand-selected for easy access and convenience. Our centrally located facilities are easily accessible from nearby neighborhoods.

Safe & Secure

We designed WheelHouse Storage condos with security in mind to ensure your assets are safe, secure and protected.

Comfort & Convenience

Your condo includes more than just the space you own. It also includes the common areas outside of your unit. Our wide drive aisles permit you to pull into your spot without feeling crowded or restricted.

Community Features

Garage condos are assets. You’ll enjoy having a dedicated space to store your investments. You can also spend time with like-minded individuals who share your interests at community events.


“I love working on my cars but had run out of room in my home garage. WheelHouse to the rescue.”

Andrew M.

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to buy at WheelHouse! Perfect place to keep our RV when not out on the road. Fun events, too!”

Ron & Grace H.